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News from your community council.  You can also follow us on our Facebook page.  If you have a story or event you would like to share here please contact us.


  • The mass Vaccination programme for the top priority groups is underway with these people being directed to mass vaccination centres across Aberdeenshire. For those people who are unable to make their own way to appointments Belhelvie Community Council can co-ordinate and pay for taxis to help them attend their appointment.  Please note this is initially restricted to those residing within the settlements of Belhelvie Parish (Balmedie, Belhelvie, Potterton, Whitecairns, Blackdog) and within a priority vaccination group.  We will require a name, pickup address, destination address and appointment time. Please message the Belhelvie Community Council Facebook page to arrange an appointment. 
    (2 February 2021)
  • Potterton residents: There is currently money available through the Developers Obligations fund to be used on community halls in Potterton by May 2021.  There is £4132.80 to spend, so this would be allocated for a small project which is constrained by the rules around Developers Obligations. It must be something new and linked to the Community Centre, for example an option for new storage/new community space on the site. Projects such as maintenance, ongoing running costs, wages and rent will not be supported. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on what this could be used for? Please get in touch with us at with your views.  Whilst local groups were hoping to progress with their aspirations for community facilities, it has been very difficult to move forward during the restrictions of the pandemic.  Due to the very limited time available, can any viable suggestions please be submitted by 7 February 2021 
    (24 January 2021)
  • Local foodbanks Aberdeenshire North Foodbank have a center in Ellon that Belhevie, Balmedie, Blackdog, Whitecairns and Potterton residents can use. Everyone who comes to the foodbank for emergency food needs to have a valid foodbank voucher. You can find how who can help you with vouchers on the foodbank website.
    Aberdeenshire North Foodbank - how to get help 
    (14 January 2021)
  • Coronavirus help and support we aim to keep our coronavirus statement up to date with the latest on protection levels and restrictions, foodbanks, and help and support available locally.  Read the latest coronavirus statement and help page
    (14 January 2021)
  • Lockdown restrictions will be strengthened from this weekend 
    "To minimise the risk of spreading the virus, you must stay at home as much as possible. By law, in a Level 4 area, you can only leave your home (or garden) for an essential purpose." Source: Scottish Government .  Read the UPDATED Stay at Home Guidance
    (13 January 2021)
  • January meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 18 January, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.
    (11 January 2021)
  • Extra meeting to discuss the Rainnieshill quarry Thursday 14  January, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.  The quarry website can be found at 
    (11 January 2021)
  • Scottish Government announced further restrictions from 5 January 2021. "New laws will require people to stay at home and work from home where possible. Outdoor gatherings are also to be cut back, with people only allowed to meet one person from one other household. Places of worship are to be closed, group exercise banned, and schools will largely operate via online and remote learning. These rules will apply across the Scottish mainland until at least the end of January, and will be kept under review." Source - BBC news . Scottish Government - Stay at home Guidance 
    (4  January 2021)


  • December meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 21 December, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . The developers of the proposed Rainnieshill Quarry will be presenting. Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.
    (16 December 2020)
  • Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire are moving to protection level 3 from 6pm on Friday 18 December 2020. The changes to protection levels will be reviewed on Tuesday 22 December.  More information: Scottish Government announcement
    (15 December 2020)
  • Updates to COVID-19 protection levels and travel Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire are currently in protection level 2 .  "From 6pm on Friday 20 November travel restrictions will be put into law to prevent people who live in a Level 3 or Level 4 local authority area from travelling outside their local authority except for an essential purpose - such as work or caring responsibilities... the regulations also affect non-essential travel into a Level 3 or 4 local authority area, except for the same reasons."  The changes to protection levels come into effect at 6pm on Friday 20 November and will remain in place for three weeks until Friday 11 December.  Source: The Scottish Government website
    (19 November 2020)
  • November meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 16 November, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting. 
    (13 November 2020)
  • Postcode checker for COVID restrictions by protection level in areas of Scotland available from the Scottish Government website
    (13 November 2020)
  • Explanation of the 5 protection levels for Scotland coming into force on 2 November 2020 "Further details on which local authority areas of Scotland will fall under which levels will be announced following discussions with directors of public health and local authorities, taking on board recommendations from the national incident management team, before coming into force on 2 November." Source Scottish Government website.
    Scottish Government news announcement 
    Download Scotland’s Strategic Framework (PDF)
    (25 October 2020)
  • October meeting and Annual General meeting our next monthly meeting will be held on Monday 19 October 2020 at 7.45pm following our Annual General Meeting at 7pm. Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting  
    (12 October 2020)
  • September meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 21 September, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.
    (15 September 2020)
  • The Scottish Government have published (14 September 2020) updated guidance on the latest rules on staying safe and protecting others from Coronavirus. This includes guidance on how to stay safe, face coverings, meeting other people, shopping, eating out, sports, getting around, gatherings, working, running a business and penalties. 
    (14 September 2020)
  • Timeline set out for lifting temporary restrictions in Aberdeen by the Scottish Government, read the full statement on the Scottish Government website.
    (23 August 2020)
  • Lockdown in Aberdeen extended 'After being reviewed on 19 August, it has been decided that local restrictions will continue in Aberdeen, with a further review on Sunday 23 August.' More information from the Scottish Government website
    (19 August 2020)
  • August meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 27 August, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.
    (10 August 2020)
  • Lockdown restrictions are being reimposed in Aberdeen from today, 5 August 2020 due to a coronavirus cluster in the city. Under the lockdown measures which have been reintroduced, people are being told not to travel to the city.
    Statement from Aberdeenshire Council (5 August 2020)
    First Minister's speech (5 August 2020)
    Official statement from the Scottish Government (5 August 2020)
  • Latest on lock down - the Scottish Government route map document was updated on 30 July 2020. It includes updates on lock down measures that are easing on 1 August (shielding), 3 August (support groups & services, sports coaches, eyecare), 11 August (return to school) and 17 August (dental care). The next review is planned for 20 August. There is also information on what is planned after the next review and activities that are likely to start from 24 August onwards Read the full document 
    (1 August 2020)
  • July meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 20 July, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting 
    (16 July 2020)
  • What's next for lock down? The Scottish Government route map document updated on 9 July 2020 sets out the steps for easing lock down in Phase 3. There's an update on the measures starting on 10, 13, 15 and 22 July. Download the document from the Scottish Goverment website
    (9 July)
  • Aberdeenshire Council's Local Development Plan consultation has been extended responses can now be submitted until Friday 31 July 2020. Read more on the Aberdeenshire Council website
    (25 June 2020)
  • The Scottish Government route map document (updated on 18 June 2020) sets out the steps for easing lock down. There's an update on the Phase 2 measures starting on 19, 22 and 29 June. Page 5 of the document onwards has an easy to scan overview of each phase (epidemic state, R number etc and advice on protection) and the plans in each phase: how we can see family and friends, getting around, schools and education, working, shopping and eating out, sport and culture, public services, gatherings, and health and social care. Read the document (Scottish Government website)
    (23 June 2020)
  • Scotstown Medical Practice (Bridge of Don) have a new way to get in touch online, see the Scotstown Medical Practice website for more information.
    (22 June 2020)
  • Damage to property  if you see vandalised property in the villages or down at the beach please can you call 101 so the Police have a record in their systems and can follow it up. More information on the Police website.
    (18 June 2020)
  • June meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 15 June, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.
    (8 June 2020)
  • Aberdeenshire Council have launched a virtual ‘drop-in’ portal for the Local Development Plan consultation. The portal has links to settlement posters, short films, live chat and the Proposed Plan. The deadline to respond to the consultation is Friday 17 July 2020. Find out more on their website
    (8 June 2020)
  • Garden waste drop off point at Balmedie Leisure Center car park.  Aberdeenshire Council are restarting their garden waste service from Saturday (6 June). Bring your garden waste in bags to the Balmedie Leisure Center car park between 1pm and 4pm. You can empty your bags into the truck and then take your bags home to recycle. Please note "There is no need to book, however traffic management and physical-distancing measures will apply at all sites and visitors are being advised to stay in their vehicle until called forward. Staff will be unable to assist with any unloading or lifting."  This service is currently planned to be available from 6 June to 31 October 2020. See details in the Council's Facebook post
    (2 June 2020)
  • Test and Protect in Grampian - information on who should get tested, when and where you can be tested, getting results, what to do if you test positive. Grampian's local tracing team. Find out how to minimise your risk, tips such as keeping a log of who you meet and how the service protects your privacy. How to isolate if you need to do this, and who can help and support you. Watch the video (YouTube)
    (1 June 2020)
  • Public consultation on the proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2020 is open for responses until 17 July 2020 (5pm). The Plan sets out the policies to be used in the planning application process and it proposes land allocations for development between 2021 and 2031. More information is available in the Aberdeenshire Council Facebook page and website.
    (25 May 2020)
  • May meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 18 May, 7pm, online via Microsoft Teams . Please email the BCC to request a link to the meeting.
    (11 May 2020)
  • Road closure from 11 May 2020 for 5 days (09:00 - 18:00) at the Rocks of Balmedie between the Belhelvie Bowling Club and McKay Road (Belhelvie). This is to allow safe working on the carriageway to be carried out on behalf of BT Openreach. Diversion will be via B977 and B999. If you have any questions please contact Alex Bateman on 03700 500792 or email  
    (10 May 2020)
  • Attending our local hospitals NHS Grampian now have dedicated routes through our hospitals for patients and staff.  Please follow the routes shown when using the hospitals. Read more in the NHS Grampian Facebook page
    (18 April 2020)
  • Online directory of local community organisations and businesses offering support at this time, managed by the Formartine Rural Partnership. If you want your organisation to be added visit the site where you can send the Partnership your details. See the list on the  Formartine Rural Partnership website
    (17 April 2020)
  • April meeting our next meeting will be on Monday 20 April, 7pm, online via Skype . Please email the BCC to request an invitation to the Skype meeting.
    (14 April 2020)
  • National helpline established for those who do not have family or community support. The helpline will provide essential assistance to those who don’t have a network of support but who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Find out more about the helpline from the Scottish Government.
    (14 April 2020)
  • Live chat service now being offered on the Aberdeenshire Council website.  Find out more on the Council's site.
    (13 April 2020)
  • Video consultations are now available at the Scotstown Medical Group and Ellon Medical Group.   Please see each practice website for more details on how this service works. 
    Scotstown Medical Group Services webpage
    Ellon Medical Group website - scroll down the page to 'NHS Near Me Video Appointments' section
    (10 April 2020)
  • Road closure from 13 April 2020 for 2 days between at the Rocks of Balmedie between the Belhelvie Bowling Club and McKay Road (Belhelvie). Diversion will be via B977 and B999.   View the map of the closure and diversion (Google maps) 
    (1 April 2020)
  • Access to Country Parks Aberdeenshire Council have released a statement on access to our Country Parks, to summarise:
    - Aberdeenshire’s Country Parks are essentially “out of bounds” to anyone who does not live within short walking distance
    - you should not travel to access the outdoors
    - your time spent outside exercising should be done close to your home
    - across our local communities, playground equipment is closed
    - if you live close to a play park, the open space is still open to you, but please do not allow young ones to play on the equipment, please also observe social distancing as guided by government
    - all public toilets  are closed
    Read the full Aberdeenshire Council statement on Facebook
    (1 April 2020)
  • Ellon Medical Group announcement about access to the surgery " practice good social distancing and protect our most vulnerable members of society and staff, we have been granted permission to temporarily close our surgery doors to visitors to restrict access to patients requiring urgent/acute care only."  More information on the Ellon Medical Group website
    (1 April 2020)
  • The Sand Bothy needs your help if you are walking to the Country Park and notice any problems with the Sand Bothy can you let Rosie Nicol from Belhelvie Community Trust know by messaging her on Facebook. Many thanks everyone! 
    (1 April 2020)
  • Waste and recycling Aberdeenshire Council are planning to continue recycling collections, more information on the Aberdeenshire Council website. Or follow Recycling and Waste Aberdeenshire on Facebook.
    (31 March 2020)
  • Further changes to Stagecoach bus services in Aberdeenshire and Moray are being introduced from today (Monday 30 March). The temporary timetables will operate across the region until further notice.  
    Read the service update from Stagecoach.  
    Download the Buchan timetables starting on Monday 30 march (PDF) - includes services 61 and 290/291 
    (30 March 2020)
  • Help and advice website launched for Grampian information includes:
    - How to make a request for assistance and how to register to offer one 
    - Information about schools and nurseries 
    - How coronavirus is spread and how to avoid catching or spreading germs 
    - Guidance and support available for businesses 
    - Financial support and assistance 
    - View latest news from UK and Scottish governments 
    - Links to Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen Council, British Red Cross, HM Coastguard, Moray Council, NHS Grampian, Police Scotland, SCottish Fire and Rescue Service and SSE
    Visit the Grampian Coronavirus (COVID-19) Assistance Hub website
    (30 March 2020)
  • The Potterton Shop is offering deliveries to Potterton, Whitecairns and Belhelvie. If you are vulnerable and need help with getting groceries or know someone vulnerable who would benefit please let them know. Call in orders on 01358-742-670 (pay by card over the phone), volunteers are delivering and will keep a safe distance when dropping off bags.
    (28 March 2020)
  • Database of local volunteers being built Paul McKeown (Church of Scotland minister for the parish of Belhelvie) is pulling together a database to match volunteers to people in need in our communities at this time.  If you're able to help in some way can you please message Paul with the following: your name, village or area you live in, contact phone number and what kind of help you're able to offer.   Paul is looking for help especially in Potterton, Belhelvie, Whitecairns and Blackdog, there's a lot of help already registering in Balmedie but please still say if you can help in Balmedie too. Paul is doing this in consultation with Dr Forbes at Scotstown Practice and their Link Worker.
    (28 March 2020)
  • Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action is creating a directory of community and third sector responses to the Covid-19 outbreak. To help AVA advertise the services that your group or organisation are able to offer they are asking organisations to complete their short survey, more information in their survey page.   
    (26 March 2020) 
  • Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership announce that they will no longer allow any visitors to their Care Homes, Very Sheltered Housing complexes or Supported Living Accommodation.  More information in the post from AHSCP 
    (25 March 2020) 
  • Routine dental services have been suspended. More information in the post from NHS Grampian. 
    (25 March 2020)
  • How to report vandalism to the Police there are reports in local Facebook groups of vandalism in the villages. Please report these incidents to the Police by calling 101. Our Community Based Officer PC Doug Donald has recommended that we report issues using this service. Read more about the 101 number and when it should be used.
    (22 March 2020)
  • Education update Aberdeenshire Council have a web page detailing the schools that will be open on Monday 23 March (for specific groups of pupils only, details of these groups can also be found on the page). Read more on the Aberdeenshire Council website.
    (21 March 2020)
  • Stagecoach have announced temporary changes to bus services in Aberdeenshire from Monday 23 March following government advice around social contact and non-essential travel to help combat the coronavirus.  A reduced timetable will operate across the region until further notice.  
    Service update announcement from Stagecoach (Stagecoach website) 
    Download the updated Buchan timetables, includes services: 54, 61 and 290/291 (PDF - Stagecoach website) 
    (20 March 2020)
  • Facilities run by Live Life Aberdeenshire will be suspended from 6pm today (Thursday 19 March). Please note - the Balmedie Leisure Centre is run independently and will release it's own plans in the next day or so. Read the Live Life Aberdeenshire Facebook post.
    (19 March 2020)
  • Scottish government expects schools to close by the end of this week.
    Watch the video on the Scottish government Facebook post
    (19 March 2020)
  • Local School closures - information from Aberdeenshire Council. Listed on the linked page you will find schools which have announced closures due to the current situation
    (19 March 2020)
  • Local day centers for adults will be closing by the end of Friday 20 March due to the current crisis
    (19 March 2020)
  • Coronavirus statement & sources of information our statement explains how we will continue to work during the crisis and lists local groups coming together to help vunerable members of our communities, and Aberdeeenshire Council's recommended sources of information to help you stay informed. Read the Belhelvie Community Council statement 
    (19 March 2020)
  • Monthly meetings will move online due to the current global health crisis the BCC will be trialing the use of online meetings and working together by email and phone to continue the work of the Belhelvie Community Council.
    (17 March 2020)
  • Dickies pharmacy are changing how they work and prescriptions will take longer to fulfill during this period.  More information in the BCC Facebook post.
    (17 March 2020)
  • Local doctors change appointment procedures  the Scotstown and Ellon medical practices are changing how they handle appointments durng the current Coronavirus situation.  The latest information can be found on their websites:
    Scotstown medical group website
    Ellon medical group website
    (16 March 2020)
  • March meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 16 March at 7pm. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available. (March 2020)
  • Young people's vote on activities and facilities in our area! We want to hear from the younger members of our community, tell us which ideas you want to see the Community take forward and how you would use them. We are running the survey jointly with the Belhelvie Community Trust. Find out more and vote
    (February 2020)
  • February meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 17 February at 7pm. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.
    (February 2020)
  • Proposed new bus timetables Stagecoach are planning changes to the bus timetables (including stopping again on King Street) in April 2020 and they want to hear from you. Deadline to send your feedback: Sunday 16 February 2020 .  From the Stagecoach announcement - King street route stopping at Morrisons - Service 50 / 50B between Ellon and Newburgh is revised with most journeys now extending through to Aberdeen via Balmedie (Eigie Road) and Blackdog slip roads. The route has been revised to operate directly along King Street, serving Morrison’s and Frederick Street Health Centre, following customer feedback. Service 747 is being reduced, Service 291 is to have new start times.
    Read about the proposed changes on the Stagecoach website.  
    Email your feedback to: 
    (February 2020)
  • Have your say - facilities and activities for young people survey
    We're looking for your ideas on what activities could be provided for younger people in the local area. We’re asking everyone to take part and send us your ideas. Send us your ideas between Monday 13 January and Friday 31 January 2020
    (January 2020) 
  • January meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 20 January at 7pm. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.
    (January 2020)


  • Christmas bus timetables running from Tuesday 24 December until Friday 3 January are now available online (download the PDF document from Stagecoach).
    (December 2019)
  • December meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday December 16 at 7pm. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.
    (December 2019)
  • New Blackdog bus services starting in January - Aberdeenshire Council are trialing  two new services in the new year. Shopper service - two return journeys - Blackdog to Aberdeen City Centre and Connecting service - three peak hour journeys - connecting Blackdog to the stops on the A90. Aberdeenshire Council are doing a leaflet drop to everyone in Blackdog this month with details of the services. The trial will be reviewed in March 2020.  
    (December 2019)
  • November meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 18 November at 7pm. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.
    (November 2019)
  • Public consultation meeting - Wednesday 6 November 2019
    Kirkwood homes are holding a public consultation about their proposed Blackdog development on Wednesday 6 November 2019, 3pm - 8pm at Forsyth Hall, Belhelvie.  Kirkwood are proposing a revised application (ENQ/2019/1516) which updates from the previously consented scheme (APP/2016/0767)
    (November 2019)
  • October meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 21 October at 7pm. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.
    (October 2019) 
  • Balmedie North proposed development update Aberdeenshire Council planners and the Formartine Area Committee have recommended that the proposed Balmedie North development does NOT go ahead and that it is NOT accepted into the Aberdeenshire Council Local Development Plan.  

    The Formartine Area Committee will put forward it's recommendation NOT to recommend the development to the Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) in Aberdeenshire Council. The ISC will make it's recommendation on the proposal in October (ISC meeting on 3 October 2019). In November Aberdeenshire Council will meet and discuss the proposed development including the recommendations by the Council's Committees (Aberdeenshire Council meeting on 21 November 2019). 

    If the developers choose to appeal they can do this in a public inquiry which will be held in Spring 2020.  

    The following information is taken from the Aberdeenshire Council website:
    'How the applicant appeals depends on who made the decision. If the application was decided by Aberdeenshire Council's planning officer, the applicant can ask for the decision to be reviewed by the Local Review Body, which is a group of councillors. If the decision was made by councillors, the applicant can appeal to Scottish Ministers.' See Aberdeenshire Council's website

    We will let you know about each decision being made and if the development will go to a public inquiry where the you will be able to comment.  More information on the appeals process is available on the Scottish Government website
    (September 2019)
  • Menie Estate planning application (APP/2018/1814) - Aberdeenshire Council will be discussing the application at the Council meeting on Thursday (26 September) 10.15am, Council Chamber, Woodhill House, Westburn Rd, Aberdeen AB16 5GB. The application includes 550 dwelling houses, the applicant has requested to speak at the meeting. The meeting papers are available from the Council website.
    (September 2019) 
  • September meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 16 September at 7pm.  The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.  
    (September 2019) 
  • August meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 19 August at 7pm.  There will be a presentation from NORR about the Balmedie North development. The latest BCC meeting agenda is now available.
    (August 2019)
  • New bus timetables will come into operation on Monday 19 August 2019.  The new timetables are available from the Stagecoach website.
    (August 2019)
  • July meeting come and join us at Balmedie Leisure Centre on Monday 15 July at 7pm We will be discussing the proposed bus timetables and what we are doing with your transport survey feedback. The latest BCC meeting agenda is available.
    (July 2019)
  • What’s happening with the buses? Stagecoach are proposing new timetables with improved services in Balmedie (54 will be hourly again) and Balmedie has been added to the 747 (airport) route. Read more about the proposed changes and what we doing with your feedback from the transport survey.
    (June 2019)
  • Interested in volunteering at Balmedie Country Park? Aberdeenshire Council are holding public meeting about the Country Park on Wednesday 3 July 2019, 6.30pm at Balmedie Leisure Centre.
    (June 2019)
  • June meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM) we are holding our annual general meeting on Monday 17 June at 7pm in the White Horse.  The meeting agenda is available.
    (June 2019)
  • May meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 20 May  at 7.15pm We will be discussing the upcoming Community Council elections. The latest BCC meeting agenda is available.
    (May 2019)
  • Community Council elections are you interested in representing your community? Community Council elections are coming up, nominations need to be received by Monday 27 May 2019.  Find out more about the elections.
    (May 2019)
  • Transport survey we want to find out how you rate the current transport service, what you want from the services, any complaints you have filed with Stagecoach and how you would use a community bus service if it was available.  We will be taking your responses to the next meeting with Stagecoach and Aberdeenshire Council at the Area Bus Forums.  Find out more about the transport survey and take part.
    (May 2019)
  • Potterton road closure 8-10 May 2019 for high stress dressing Kirkhill Gardens in Potterton will be closed so that Aberdeenshire Council can work on the road for three days in May. Access will be provided for emergency vehicles and vehicles requiring access to properties, but there may be delays until the road is cleared of construction plant to allow safe passage through the works. If you have any questions please contact Stuart Copland on 01467 532867 or Paul Wilson on 01467 538961.  Map of the affected area available on our Facebook page.
    (April 2019)
  • April meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 15 April  at 7pm.  We will be discussing the new format Police report The latest BCC meeting agenda is available.
    (April 2019) 
  • March meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 18 March at 7pm 
    We will discussing how organise BCC's response to Aberdeenshire Council's Main Issues Report (opens as PDF), the report is a key stage in preparing the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2021. The latest BCC meeting agenda is available.
    (March 2019) 
  • Public viewing of the plans for Balmedie South development 
    View and comment on the detail plans for the residential development at Eigie Farm, South Balmedie.  Monday 25 February, 4.00pm - 7.30pm White Horse, Balmedie.  For more information and map of the development area download the event PDF.
    (February 2019)
  • February meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 18 February at 7pm. NORR planning consultants and Castlehill Housing Association will making a presentation about the Eigie Farm housing development (Balmedie South).  Meeting agenda available.
    (February 2019) 
  • Public meeting about the Council's Local Development Plan (LDP) 2021
    Come and talk to the planning officers to help them with the preparation of submissions to the Main Issues Report and other documents on Friday 15 February 12:30pm - 7pm Balmedie Leisure Centre.  For more information see the Aberdeenshire Council website.
    (February 2019)
  • Public consultation on plans for 500 new homes and primary school in West Balmedie 
    A public consultation is to be held into the plans on Thursday 31 January, 4-8pm at the White Horse, Balmedie
    (January 2019)
  • Join the Community Council if you are interested in local matters we are looking new community councillors.  Please contact us to let us know if you are interested.
    (January 2019)
  • January meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 21 January at 7.15pm. Vattenfall will be presenting.
    (January 2019).  


  • December meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 17 December at 7.30pm.  
    (December 2018)
  • November meeting come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 19 November at 7.30pm.   
    (November 2018)
  • Light powered speed warning signs in Balmedie, Whitecairns and Potterton will not be installed due to lack of support from Aberdeenshire Council's Roads Department
    (November 2018)
  • Bus timetables Stagecoach have publlshed their new timetables, these start on Monday 19 November 2018, more information on the Stagecoach website 
    (October 2018)
  • New health centre in Balmedie NHS Scotland have stated that they do not intend to go ahead with this development
    (October 2018)
  • Local Development Plan (LDP) 2021  debate the main issues from the plan were debated at Formartine Area Committee on 30 October 2018. See our Facebook post 
    (October 2018)
  • Bus consultation Stagecoach are running a consultation (closing date 21 September 2018). Online consultation on the Stagecoach website 
    (September 2019)
  • October meeting  come and join us at the White Horse on Monday 15 October  at 7.30pm. 
    (September 2018)

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