Community surveys

Our latest surveys and the actions taken from your responses to previous surveys.

Have your say - facilities and activities for young people  

We're looking for your ideas on what activities could be provided for younger people in the local area (Balmedie, Potterton, Blackdog, Whitecairns and Belhelvie). We’re asking everyone to take part and send us your suggestions.

You can send us your ideas between Monday 13 January and Friday 31 January 2020 using our online survey. There’s no limit to the number of ideas you can submit. 

You’ll be able to vote for your favourite ideas online in February in a second survey.

All survey responses are collected anonymously.

How's it going?

Find out how many people have sent ideas and the number of ideas we’ve received so far. 

Number of people sending ideas

Number of ideas received

What will happen with the ideas?

Belhelvie Community Trust and Belhelvie Community Council are working together on this survey.  We want to help our communities develop the ideas you send into real projects for 2020 and beyond.


If you have any questions please let us know, email:

Public transport survey 2019

In May 2019 we ran a survey about public transport in the Belhelvie area (Belhelvie, Balmedie, Potterton, Blackdog and Whitecairns). 171 people responded – thank you everyone! We wanted to find out how you rate the current transport service, what you want from the services, any complaints you have filed with Stagecoach and how you would use a community bus service if it was available. 

We presented your responses to Stagecoach in June at their public consultation about timetables, and at the bus users forum run by Aberdeenshire Council also in June.  

Changes to bus services since the survey

On 19 August 2019 new timetable started operating with 2 more 54 buses going along Eigie Road in Balmedie during the week, making the service hourly again, and a new 747 service going through Balmedie to and from the airport. In January 2020 Aberdeenshire Council started operating two trial services (A64 & A65) in Blackdog going into Aberdeen and connecting Blackdog to stops on the A90. The trail will be assessed in March 2020.

Ongoing work with Stagecoach

We continue to attend the bus users forum every six months and raise the issue of transport for our residents. We are also continuing to talk to Stagecoach and Aberdeenshire Council about your feedback and especially the requests to return the 54 route to stopping on King Street at Morrisons.

Complaints about buses

If you make a complaint to Stagecoach about the buses please let the Belhelvie Community Council know, we’re collecting complaints to take up with Stagecoach. You can email us at or call 07767237644

Survey ideas

Do you have a idea for a community survey the we should run?  Get in touch and let us know, email


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