Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday 18 July 2022, 7:00pm

Please email the BCC to request an invitation to the online meetings.


The agenda is made available a week before the meeting.

Before the final agenda is available you can see a list of the items we usually discuss.  The final agenda will include details of presentations from our visitors such as the Police, the Council, Country Park, Vattenfall, planning consultants, developers and others.

Standing agenda items

Introduction of attendees & welcome to visitors

Chairman’s opening remarks

Declaration of any conflicts of interest to agenda items

Reports from visitors and Council members
- Police matters report
- Planning reporter’s monthly report
- Treasurer’s monthly report 

Comments/approval of previous meeting minutes

Matters arising from the previous meeting minutes

Ongoing projects update (Assigned Council Member)

Pandemic (Covid-19) - our response, involvement and actions

External meeting report back (for example)
- Belhelvie Community Trust
- Blackdog Residents Association
- Potterton Green Fingers group
- Balmedie Country Park
- Formartine Community Council Forum
- Formartine Community Planning Group (Aberdeenshire Council)
- Community Council Training

Attendance nomination for future external meetings

New correspondence (All Members)

Any other related business 


Third Monday of the month
Venue on our meeting page Meeting starts at 7pm