Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday 17 June 2024, 7.00pm, at Balmedie Leisure Centre, online access if resources available. 

For meetings with online access please email to request the meeting link.

Please note - online access will only be available when we have resources to provide this. See individual meeting agendas for details of how the meetings will be organised.  

Agenda for the Monthly meetings

The agenda is made available a week before the monthly meeting.  Before the final agenda is available you can see a list of the items we usually discuss.

The final agenda will include details of presentations from our visitors such as the Police, Aberdeenshire Council Officers, Balmedie Country Park, planning consultants, developers and others.

Standing agenda

Introduction of attendees & welcome to visitors, apologies

Chairman’s opening remarks

Declaration of any conflicts of interest to agenda items

Visitor / resident items (as raised in the introductions)

External presentations

Reports from Council members
- Resilience planning
- Police matters report
- Planning reporter’s monthly report
- Treasurer’s monthly report 

Funded projects status update 

Comments/approval of previous meeting minutes

Matters arising from the previous meeting minutes

General projects update - for example
- Local community centres / facilities
- Noticeboards  
- Benches 
- New project development suggestions 

External meeting report back - for example 
- Belhelvie Community Trust
- Blackdog Residents Association
- Potterton Green Fingers group
- Potterton Volunteers
- Balmedie Country Park
- Formartine Community Council Forum
- Formartine Community Planning Group (Aberdeenshire Council)
- Formartine Community Speed Watch Initiative
- Formartine Rural Partnership
- Community Council Training

Attendance nomination for future external meetings

New correspondence 

Any other related business 

What to expect in our meetings

The Community Council meetings are held in public and we welcome visitors to our meetings. However, please remember that there is usually a full agenda to get through in a limited period of time, so discussion of individual topics will be managed by the meeting Chair. 

We begin each meeting by noting everyone present at the meeting for our minutes, Community Councillors, visitors, Aberdeenshire Councils, Police etc. If you are joining online, please let us know, when asked, if you have anyone else attending the meeting with you so our records are accurate.

If you have any topics you would like to raise at the meeting, please let us know in advance. This helps us prepare information to discuss at the meeting and makes the best use of time during the meeting.


Third Monday of the month
Venue on our meeting page Meeting starts at 7pm