Transport survey update - 17 September 2019

What’s happening with the buses?  

New timetables

We met with Daniel Laird, Stagecoach Commercial Director on 25 June at their public consultation event about the new timetables (which started operating from 19 August). In our area the new timetables have added 2 more 54 buses going along Eigie Road in Balmedie during the week, making the service hourly again, and they added Balmedie to the 747 service going to and from the airport.

Next steps

We are still talking with Stagecoach about the transport survey feedback, especially the 54 route that used to stop on King Street at Morrisons, and how to improve access to the buses in Blackdog. 

Your transport survey feedback

Back in May we had a great response to our transport survey (171 people completed the survey about transport in the area). Thank you! Your feedback was presented to Aberdeenshire Council and Stagecoach at the bus user forum in Oldmeldrum on 6 June and discussed at the public timetable consultation event on 25 June.

Aberdeenshire Council's Bus Forum (every 6 months)

Download the minutes from the Bus Forum on 6 June.

More about the bus users forum from Aberdeenshire Council.

Complaints about buses

If you make a complaint to Stagecoach about the buses please let the Belhelvie Community Council know, we’re collecting complaints to take up with Stagecoach.  You can email us at or call 07767237644 


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